Who We Are

Pin & Tumbler Studio was founded in 2019 on the idea that consumers were seeking unique and innovative products that catered to their modern sense of style and design. Allegion saw Pin & Tumbler Studio as an innovation playground built on relationships with partners and customers where new ways of designing, manufacturing, and selling products could be piloted and matured. The team is comprised of people, like you, who don’t want to settle for the status quo. At the heart of every product is our desire to bring you an experience that you truly love.
Tracy Jaques

As Allegion’s Deputy General Counsel, Tracy Jaques has become known as both a strategic business partner and a problem solver who has a passion for helping others learn and grow. She sees potential in doing things that are outside of the norm and believes innovation is at the heart of success. With her commitment to integrity and more than 20 years of legal experience, she regularly advises in business areas ranging from new product development to sales and marketing, among other things. This makes Tracy a highly valued sounding board for her peers as well as Allegion executives – especially as her desire to make a difference inspires creative solutions.

Rob Martens

As Allegion’s Futurist and President of Allegion Ventures, Martens helps guide, inspire and challenge old ways of thinking. Rob was named by Inc. Magazine as one of the 20 influencers that will lead the Internet of Things, and recognized by Accenture and Forbes as one of 40 IoT leaders to follow on social media. He has an in-depth knowledge of technology and how it works, but prefers looking at the big picture of how technology overall can benefit real people going about their days in the real world. You can find Rob in the NY Times, Wall Street Journal, Fox News, Twice, Venture Beat, The IoT Agenda and many other publications speaking about technology, and its impact on our lives.

Matt O'Dell

Rarely in the annals of history has a simple technologist had the opportunity to participate in so many innovative endeavors. Matt has led initiatives from product design to back-office architecture touching nearly every part of the product development pipeline. In 2019, he was named as one of CIO Magazine’s “Ones to Watch” and honored as the “World’s Okay-est Coworker” by the Midwest Coffee Mug Consortium. When he’s not engaged in utter buffoonery, Matt likes long runs in the park, hanging with bulldogs, and authoring the occasional blog post on technology, innovation or leadership.

Ted Roberts

To Style and Design Chief, Ted Roberts, design is both a passion and a way of life, stretching far beyond the bounds of a job. Guided by the responsibility to create useful products and represent culture through design, Ted’s mission is the creation of inspired designs and solutions. Having spent more than a decade designing door hardware, and holding over 70 patents across various brands, Ted continues to generate designs that are more than just effective and useful; but exciting, delightful, and desirable!