• At Pin & Tumbler Studio, we value unique and innovative solutions to everyday problems. Our designers and engineers create distinctive, small-run products that solve a simple problem creatively or completely change the landscape of a product category.
Pin & Tumbler Statement on COVID-19
COVID-19 represents a transformational moment in our society. Pin & Tumbler Studio sees tremendous opportunity running in parallel with this rare interruption to our norms and expectations. In response, we are pivoting our in-flight projects and teams to address this change and plan to extend our model to have a broader and even more inclusive impact than before. More to come…


We love to design, and we love to build. At Pin & Tumbler Studio, we create products that we would want to own. Whether it's a little bit of style or a little bit of tech, we bring our expertise to products that combine quality with originality.


Our community inspires us and we bring that passion to our products. We may only be a small part of our customers' lives, but we give our undivided attention to finding their unmet desire then design products that enhance their lives. You inspire us, so that we may inspire you.


We realize that mass market isn't for everyone. Our products reflect the uniqueness and independence of their owners. As people after our own heart, Pin & Tumbler Studio looks for customers who are a little bit different. Different is good.